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20 November, 2015

Easy Snack Wraps

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Easy Snack Wraps

My husband works very long hours, and because of this he needs to take two meals as well as snacks to get him through his work days. I always cook everything and send him well prepared.

This is one of those snacks that he really loves. It is not really healthy, but, it is quick, easy, and a definite go to. If you have any picky eaters, teenagers, or little ones, they may also like this. For a healthier version, use HUMMUS instead of the cream cheese. When we have a batch of hummus made up, that is how we roll!

I often cut these up into pin-wheels as an appetizer or other quick snack as well.


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Easy Snack Wraps
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Easy Snack Wraps
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  1. Warm your tortilla for 15 seconds in the microwave.
  2. Lay out flat onto a ploate or other clean surface.
  3. Spread the cream cheese thinly over the whole tortilla
  4. Lay down the fresh spinach over the whole tortilla.
  5. Lay down the deli slices One at the topof the tortilla closest to you and one slightly overlapping going down the center to the other end
  6. Slice your roasted red pepper into long slices and lay across the top deli meat from side to side on the tortilla.
  7. Roll tightly from the top and away from you.
  8. Slice on an angle or into pinwheels at an angel.
  9. Enjoy.
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