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2 April, 2016

Crockpot Unfried Refried Beans (Fat-Free)

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I hear all of this hype about the Instapot, and I am sure it is completely awesome, but, I do not use one and right now I really don’t have a need for one. I’m sure at some point down the road we may invest in one, but, right now we have no immediate need for quick food. I rather enjoy being in the kitchen cooking and I really do love using the crockpot to slow cook food as well. I love the smell that permeates the air for hours and hours when good food is slowly cooking in my crockpot, and I take delight in making the neighbors jealous. (snicker, snicker) Ha! When it’s time to serve up food that has been taking it’s time becoming perfect, it is just a treat for the whole family and friends or whoever we are entertaining. Also, I tend to like to make big batches of things ahead for the week as well, and the crockpot allows for that!

This recipe is it is completely healthy with no oil and is  fat free! Even better, I have never tasted refried beans better than this, and I promise you that if you are a foodie like I am, you will love this!

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Crockpot Unfried Refried Beans (Fat-Free)
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Crockpot Unfried Refried Beans (Fat-Free)
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  1. Rub olive oil along the insides of your crockpot in order to keep the beans from sticking.
  2. Put all ingredients into your crockpot.
  3. Put on HIGH HEAT for 10 hours then turn off and go to the next step or set to low if you have other things to do.
  4. You can mash these with a potato masher when they are done cooking and keep as chunky as you'd like OR use an IMMERSION blender and get them really smooth. I love them both ways.
  5. Enjoy!
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